Fill-Me-Up Cards for Couples

A 21-day relationship challenge aimed at re-establishing connection and re-igniting passion!      

You’ll be amazed at how 21 days of focusing your time and energy on meeting your partner’s needs in a sincere and genuine way (and having your needs met) can add romance, emotional connection and passionate sex to the relationship.



There are 2 decks of cards: HIS and HERS. Each deck has 27 cards:

  • 6 SEX cards
  • 6 ROMANCE cards
  • 6 ACTIVITY cards
  • 3 WILD cards
  • 1 COMMITMENT card
  • 3 BONUS cards
  • 2 BREAK cards



Before starting, read and sign the commitment card at the top of your deck and exchange with your partner. Remove the break and bonus cards for easy access.

  • 1. First think every morning, he chooses a card from HIS deck and she chooses a card from HERS – do not show your card.
  • 2. The instruction on the card must be performed by the end of the day. For wild cards, as your partner what he/she wants.
  • 3. Cards are not returned to the deck, but favourites can be set aside for future use.
  • 4. At the end of the day, sincerely tell your partner how it felt to give and receive.
  • 5. Show appreciation and thank your partner for the effort made.
  • Break cards: To be used to stop the game for 1 day.
  • Bonus cards: To be used as a substitution for any card you don’t like. 



    Once all of the cards have been used, both partners feel more connected, filled up and better able to understand and meet each other’s needs.